Universal Orlando App RFP

Direction, Design, Concepts
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The Universal Orlando App RFP (request for proposal) focused on a new mobile business strategy with a completely updated UX/visual design for their park experience.

Buried, non-existent, and underutilized content was severely impacting the application usability. Outdated tech was hindering conversion rates. User interaction was impersonal and completely limited to the park boundary.

A completely new mobile experience was the solution. The app pushed the UO brand and park attractions to the center by guiding the user through every stage of the vacation experience.

The user could book a hotel, buy tickets, and set a daily itinerary for the entire family before the park visit. A GPS-enabled map highlighted ride wait times, alerts, special nearby deals, and route planning to maximize the park experience. Specialized social media shares allowed for park attraction bragging rights, especially for daredevil rides.

Post-visit app features opened a channel for follow-up engagement and direct park interaction. The vacation might be over, but the experience (and doing it all over again) was alive and well.

Planning Your Trip

Reservations, Itinerary, Tickets
Group of happy Minions
App Wizard - Manage multiple travelers
Stay with us option checked, stay offsite uncheck
Accommodations - on-site upsell link
Stay with us option checked, stay offsite uncheck
Confirmation - Trip summary
Success page
Navigation - Customized itnerary details
Map of park with marker locations showing all planned activities
Activity Planner - Detail of event
Ticket for Blue Man Group
Paperless Ticket - Show Info

Social Integration

Sync itineraries across devices, location tracking
Three mobile phone views and options connecting to Jane

Harry Potter

Incorporated Branding
Harry Potter Ride
Ride Info - General Info
Harry Potter Ride
Ride Info - Description, photos/videos
Ticket for Hogwarts Express
Paperless Ticket - Easily accessable

Promotional Deals

In-Park Deals Powered by GPS
Three Broomsticks Location on map for special deal
Notifications - Nearby deals
Ad showcasing special 2 for 1 deal for Butterbeer at Three Broomsticks
Promo Overlay - Special Deal Info
Mugglicious message
Verification - of on-app purchase


Filtering by need + interest
Thill Ride in search bar, distance selected filter applied
Walking Distance - Set as priority
Thill Ride in search bar, wait selected filter applied
Attraction Wait Time - Set as priority
Thill Ride in search bar, popular selected filter applied
Popularity Rating- Set as priority