TVE Next Gen

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TVE NextGen was the approach NBCU Digital Distribution required for a completely new product design of the NBCU Television Experience. The system needed to be interchangeable within all of the NBCU TV Networks and incorporate the broad spectrum of content offerings.

The current system was built incrementally and without any long-term strategy. UX/UI had made some improvements (see the following projects: TVEverywhere, The TVE Player, and TVE MVPD Overlays. But a full-site overhaul that could compete with the emerging competition was long overdue.

Content-immersion/content-first was the approach taken. A full-screen video streaming live TV became the automatic default. There was no need to click or sign in: the TVEverywhere experience was already on. Video-on-demand, interactive television, and special productions were all discovered based on user preferences and site-generated recommendations. The site was stripped of clutter and brought user/brand interaction to the forefront with exclusive offerings not found on other streaming platforms.

The interface easily extended to all NBCU Properties — the user could jump from the Syfy Channel to CNBC and then over to the USA Network — all within a seamless experience where only the content offerings changed. The design allowed for cross-brand personal recommendations based on this user-generated data. This new implementation greatly expanded the reach and discoverability of all NBCU content.

The following illustrates the concept using SYFY as the branded example.

Discover Carousel

Show Promotions
Helix poster art with options to watch live or browse episodes

Home, Watch, Schedule

Personalized and easy to find content
Three screens showing available content

Live Video

Free preview trial, MVPD Sign-in
Show playing with Countdown Timer in upper right displaying time remaining
MVPD Providers listed for sign-in

Live Video (logged-in)

Full-screen player
Helix TV show playing live on a laptop

Interact Dashboard

Mini player with related show content
All categories selected showing mini modules of interactive content


Episode in Carousel; VOD Episode w/special promo
Defiance show art with watching options: the latest episode or browse
VOD playing latest episode and showing small promo overlay in corner to tweet to win tickets to an episode filming