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Multiple Pitch Project Examples included concept proposals and designs for internal and consumer-facing products.

+ The African American Athlete: Website featuring sports news with a historical emphasis on the legacy of African American athletes. Visual Design/UI/UX, content writing, content selection, logotype design.

+ Digital Backbone: Prototype template design for use on multiple shows & brands. Streaming video, social sharing, and a "characters-first" approach. These were part of a high-level pitch deck illustrating the concept.Visual Design/UI + Direction, minor UX, proto-content selection, content writing.

+ Universal Pictures Redesign Proposal: One of several directions used in a client pitch deck for early discussions on redesign concepts. Visual Design/UI/UX, proto-content, content writing.

+ E! Now, SyfyNow, USA Anywhere Designs: A very early full-featured streaming video concept stretching across all NBCUniversal networks. This proposal would become TVEverywhere, TVE MVPD Overlay and the TVE Player projects. Visual Design/UI + Direction, minor UX, content writing, TV content selection, mobile designs, logotype, final sign-off on client presentation.

+ O&TS (Operational & Technical Services) Help App: Concept design for an employee NBCUniversal internal application focused on company news and support. Visual Design/UI/UX, content writing.

The African American Athlete

This Day in History and interactive modules featuring News, Discussions, Poll

Digital Backbone

30 Rock example
Layout in grey labeled page area sections with basic boxes
*Wireframe completed by NBC User Experience Design
Finalized page with cast members at top and related show info
Cast Page
Tina Fey info
Cast Detail Page
Video playing 30 Rock Episode
Video Page

Universal Pictures

Redesign proposal
Laptop Showing NBC Universal Movies site


Early NBCU streaming concept
3 pages showing Cast, Explore and Account sync options

USA Anywhere

Early NBCU streaming concept
Video player and Preview Remaining countdown clock for episode of Burn Notice
Special location map related to Burn Notice show

O&TS help app

Internal Company App Concept Proposal
Small DL, quick links below
Landing Page - Access to company resources
Internal tab selected showing list of articles
Company News - Relevant links (External/Internal)
List of employees with titles, headshot photo and contact info
Employee Info - Search Results