Module overlays for NBCUniversal Networks

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NBCUniversal Digital Distribution required an easy-to-use authentication user flow for entry into their TVEverywhere sites. It needed to be simple and showcase low-barrier access for reluctant users. Their current process was clunky, unclear, and limited to desktop viewing.

The redesign was incremental. UX, copy, and visuals were continually tweaked, tested, and revised.

Eventually, a base template was designed and applied to all networks. The login process became quick and painless and expanded to tablet and mobile devices. Development costs were drastically reduced and became ideal for networks that rebranded every six months. Users also benefited from a consistent login process and knew what to expect regardless of the network.

Designs were launched at various points in the product lifecycle. The overlays continued to evolve with technology, user testing, client needs, and overall content strategy. was a special-use case that required several flows based upon user credentials and game timelines.

Telemundo Authorization

"Character-First" Approach; profile creation/step options
Four views showing popular telemundo characters incorporated with MVPD sign-in directions

NBC Sports MVPD Overlay

Simplified Base Template (tablet)
3 ipad views showcasing sign-in process


Simplified Base Template (laptop)
Syfy Overlay asking user for sign-in

NBC Olympics MVPD

IOS Mobile (temp pass);
Web browser (standard selection)
process and messaging over iPhone views
3 ipad viewports showcasing sign-in process

Oxygen Now & msnbc

Simplified Base Template (desktop)
Home Page
App Detail Page


Simplified Base Template (mobile)
Want to watch, yes and no buttons
Sign In - Options
MVPD list, Dish selected
MVPD List - Popular choices listed first
MVPD list, Dish selected
Complete - Success message

Esquire MVPD Overlay

Simplified Base Template (tablet)
3 ipad views of sign-in process