Site Asset Management Module
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SAMM (Site Asset Media Manager) is a video management system developed by the MPAT (Media Products and Advanced Technology) group within NBCUniversal.

The project took four existing systems and consolidated them into one simplified interface. Users no longer had to jump between applications to complete the central task of video publishing and management. The result was a faster, cheaper, and easier-to-maintain workflow that was vital for content distribution.

The new design used a clear and scannable information hierarchy for large data sets. This intuitive layout applied understandable colors, icons, and behaviors. Strict linear input wasn't reinforced and allowed ongoing editing and navigation using a module format that segmented the flow into digestible elements. The entire video publishing process became transparent with instantaneous and easy-to-understand visual feedback.

Content Tab

Wireframe Example* vs. Final Page (Metadata & Video Info)
Basic wireframe
*Wireframe design by MPAT User Experience Design (NBCU Tech)
Main View

Content Tab

Containers (Chapters, Ad Tag Modules) Messaging/Editing Modes
Series page info in browser
Buttons; editing modes; UI details

Content Tab (Series Info Opened)

Series Data Parameters; Button/Editing States
Series Data Fields
Button States; editing modes; UI details

Moving Containers

Bulk Properties Workflow
Laptop Showcasing video player

Dashboard & Advanced Search

Queue, Error Modules; Search Conditions
Published Queue, Errors and Clip status modules
Advanced Search Fields