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Specialized dashboard systems are a fundamental tool used throughout NBCUniversal for project management, documentation, and time-sensitive information. The following projects included new systems, redesigns of old applications, and conceptual designs for proposals.

+ Promo Manager: Redesign. A financial planning system for tracking individual assets and quarterly costs. A cleaner and minimalist interface was part of the overhaul of this preexisting system. Added functionality included a new budget category for users. Visual design direction (+design on core pages), UX team reviews, minor UX/UI, icon redesign, project management (design team).

+ CCA (Corporate Contract Approval): New design. A contract creation and tracking application tool. Visual design direction (+design on core pages), minor UX/UI, icon design, final logo direction.

+ Video Content Dashboard: New design. A system for adding, tracking, and video management scheduling. Visual design direction, minor UX/UI.

+ APT (Affiliate Partnership Tool): Redesign. Overhaul of the existing system used by NBC and Telemundo Affiliate stations for creating and tracking messages, reports, show details & scheduling. Visual design direction, minor UX/UI.

+ AppManager (Mobile Application Manager): Conceptual comps. A company-wide accessible system devoted to tracking the creation and development of NBCUniversal apps and competitor information. UX/UI design, visual design, logo design.

Promo Manager

Wireframe Example* vs. Final Page (Home - Budget)
Full page basic wireframe
*Wireframe design by MPAT User Experience Design (NBCU Tech)
Planning budget info displayed

Corporate Contract Approval (CCA)

Create Contract, Submissions, Submissions Detail
Three page views

Video Content Dashboard

Main Dashboard View
Laptop showing Overview section

APT (Affiliate Partnership Tool)

Create New, Latest Messages, Archive
Three tablet views

Mobile Application Manager

Home Page, App Detail Page
Apps filteted alphabetically
NBC Sports Talk App details