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PBS's Kids Sprout was a cable channel for preschoolers in the process of being acquired by Comcast. Their original website required an overhaul to merge the brands, expand Sprout's digital footprint and become a central hub for their extensive digital content catalog. A reliable and cost-effective CMS supporting this high volume of media and admin publication workflows was a requirement.

The updated site focused on streaming video. But the main content was the cast of licensed characters that promoted Sprout's TV programming. These household names appeared throughout the site through online games and activities such as cooking recipes, printable coloring pages, and craft ideas. A completely new social media strategy used interactive birthday cards, home videos, and photo submissions from parents for further engagement.

Strict branding rules from both the old PBS website and the Sprout TV guidelines were adhered to and merged within the visual design. The page layouts integrated existing television imagery with new site-specific icons or graphic assets. Anything new followed Sprout's illustrative style for a seamless brand experience.

Sprout rebranded (again) in 2017 and is now known as the Universal Kids channel.

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