Character Design

Traditional Mediums
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+ Personal work: Characters, strange situations, and oddities. Each piece used traditional mediums and no digital enhancements.

+ Materials list: Colored pencils, charcoal, pen & ink, oil, and acrylic paint.

Witch + Cat

Oil on Bristol - 17" x 14"
Witch with a cat on her hat

Sheep + Pigs with Wings

Oil + Ink on Bristol - 8.5" x 19"; 14" x 17"; 8.5" x 19"
Sheep in field
Pig looking up
Pig flying

Cat On Moon + Nine Lives

Oil on Bristol
Cat siting on moon holding stars
Cat on Swing

Up + Umbrella + The Aeronaut

Oil + Ink on Bristol - 14" x 17"; 9.5" x 12"; 14" x 17"
Cat holding onto 4 ballons and floating upward
Cat hidding under yellow umbrella
Cat holding onto balloon