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The Penguin Group is known for its classic literature imprints but has an extensive range of health & self-improvement titles. These books are often under limited budgets but require illustrations and diagrams to communicate challenging material. Grayscale and line-art styles fit within the cost constraints.

+ Sinus Relief Now: This series of medical illustrations highlighted key concepts around sinus issues and treatments outlined in the book. Visualizations, charts, and diagrams of treatments and anatomy based on photographs, models, and first-hand guidance from an ENT specialist, were included.

+ The Truth About Back Pain: Basic anatomy illustrations and diagrams depicted back pain causes and treatments. The author provided complex medical input that required simple visuals easily understood by the average person.

+ Tana's Habitat: Simple line drawings illustrated step-by-step instructions for DIY home improvements. Reference materials included author notes and rough photographs.

The publisher was responsible for cover art and internal book design.

Sinus Relief Now

Diagrams & Illustrations
Book Cover, Nose and Internal diagrams on left and right
Three diagrams: Lungs, Normal Lung vs. Asthmatic Lung, Side view of human acupuncture points
Three diagrams: Sinus details on human model, Sinus details on human skull, Sinus details side-view
Two diagrams: Internal view of child ear vs. adult ear, Anatomy of child throat
Two diagrams: C02 process diagram, Acupuncture points on the lower leg
Four Diagrams
Four Diagrams

The Truth About Back Pain

Diagrams & Illustrations
Book Cover
Spine Illustrations
Spine Illustrations, Correct Sleeping Positions
Spinal Discs, Abdominal Anatomy
Pressure points, correct and incorrect neck posture

Tana's Habitat

Home Improvement Instructional Diagrams
Book Cover
Project Materials
Project Examples
Project Examples
Project Examples